The intercalations: paginated exhibition series is conceived as a curatorial-editorial space to both host and critically reflect on the collaborations among members and affiliates of SYNAPSE – The International Curators’ Network of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin while enabling explorations of the book as a form of exhibition architecture in relation to other aesthetic practices in the Anthropocene. In addition to its function as a vehicle to document the collaborations of the SYNAPSE network, this book-as-exhibition series aims to expand the discourse of curatorial knowledge production within a broader multidisciplinary field of research and experimentation. The series will gradually establish a compact library of its own by asking how the Anthropocene thesis urges us to rethink traditional fields of knowledge. Whereas each publication focuses on one distinct topic addressed by SYNAPSE collaborators, the series as a whole seeks to confront the entangled relationships of inherited distinctions. When explored as “intercalations,” binary categories such as nature and culture, human and non-human, subject and object, fact and fiction become transitional, layered narratives with permeable boundaries. Using archival and contemporary materials as well as visual and textual juxtaposition, intercalations is meant to act as an intensifier for curatorial thought and action; we aim to encourage and embolden modes of inquiry which provoke singular perspectives, develop matters of concern, and challenge dominant cultural dispositions.
The intercalations series was developed by SYNAPSE members Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin. Edited in association with Kirsten Einfeldt and Daniela Wolf, and designed with Katharina Tauer, the series will be published and distributed internationally by K. and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt as both printed matter and an open access, web-based editions. The collaborations fostered in the series are further developed through international events to occasion institutional partnerships and meaningful participation in larger event structures such as art and architecture biennales and thematically related exhibitions.


K. Verlag is a Berlin-based publishing atelier advancing new forms of the book-as-exhibition. We collaborate internationally with artists, authors, and institutions to develop publications whose conceptual rigor and experimental design open radical aesthetic and discursive interventions. Our synthetic editorial-design process insists on the mutuality of content and form, allowing us to concurrently rethink and reshape contemporary political, ecological, and theoretical ambitions and expectations from the perspective of art and printed matter. In 2022, we launched a new series of artist monographs, Processing Process, as our first serial sextet, the intercalations: paginated exhibition series—commissioned by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of Das Anthropozän-Projekt—came to a close with the release of its final volume: 6 – These Birds of Temptation.

In July 2023, K. Verlag was for the second time named a recipient of the prestigious Deutscher Verlagspreis (also in 2020), which is awarded annually to honor outstanding small and independent publishers by the Federal Ministry of Culture. Previously, K. also received a special award on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Kurt Wolff Stiftung for small and independent publishers, and has moreover been recognized for various individual publications, including Dora García’s On Reconciliation/Über Versöhnung, named one of the Most Beautiful Books of 2018 by the German Stiftung Buchkunst, as well as The Work of Wind: Land (co-published with The Blackwood Gallery of the University 
of Toronto Mississauga), which won the 2019 Book Design Award of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. Over the last decade, K. Verlag has developed a series of publications that explore issues at the intersections of the current planetary crisis; together with their authors we see these endeavors as a way to build a more vibrant, feminist, and ecologically-responsible world. 


K. Verlag was initially co-founded in 2011 by Anna-Sophie Springer and Charles Stankievech. Since 2015, Anna-Sophie has been the sole operator, director, and manager of K. Verlag from her studio in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
Disclaimer: K. Verlag does not hold any subsidiaries or offices in other locations.




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Director: Anna-Sophie Springer


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  • 2024
    07 13, 13-19h00

    BOOK FAIR. SWING BY! Together with our new next-door neighbors, Cabinet Magazine and Haubrok Foundation, we are presenting a very special summer book fair with 30 magazine & book publishers in the yard of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. Please join us on Saturday 13 July, 13.00–19.00, everyone is welcome. Free entry to celebrate the eve of revolution!


  • 06 15

    EXHIBITION & BOOK LAUNCH. Today, Justine Blau presents her new Veil of Nature publication, developed as the latest release in K. Verlag’s Processing Process series, as an element of her new exhibition of the same title opening this afternoon at the University of Tartu Botanical Garden. Congratulations, Justine!

  • 06 05–07

    BOOK TALK & CONFERENCE. Justine Blau is proudly presenting her new artist’s monograph Veil of Nature at the conference Traces of Extinction: Species Loss, Solastalgia, and the Semiotics of Recovery taking place as part of the Creative Nature Festival organised by the University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanic Garden and partners on the occasion of Tartu being European Capital of Culture 2024.

  • 04 20 – 11 24

    TWO PUBLICATION RELEASES – LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2024. Over the past year, we had the opportunity to collaborate and develop publications with the artistic teams of the Pavilion of Finland and the Pavilion of Singapore at the current Biennale Arte 2024 in Venice. Both exhibitions—The pleasures we choose curated by Jussi Koitela and Yvonne Billimore (commissioned and produced by Frame Contemporary Art Finland) and Seeing Forest by artist Robert Zhao Renhui and curator Haeju Kim (commissioned and produced by Singapore Art Museum)—offer broad sensorial and ecosocial engagements. Although they are, no doubt, very different from one another, they share a common interest in architecture, urbanization, and the inter-and intra-actions of diverse living bodies coming together in improbable yet powerful ways. Besides the precious print editions (Seeing Forest is freely distributed at the pavilion thanks to the generous funding of the National Arts Council of Singapore), you can immediately access the digital versions via either K. Verlag’s or our co-publisher’s websites.

  • 04 19

    BOOK TOAST. Meet the editors of the phenomenal collection Radical Film, Art and Digital Media for Societies in Turmoil for a toast in Venice. We have only a few copies left of the book – so don’t miss your chance!

  • 04 18, 18h00

    WORLD PREMIERE. If you happen to be in Nyon for the legendary festival Vision du Réel this week you should not miss the opportunity to see Dora García’s incredibly moving and powerful film (Revolution Fulfil Your Promise) Red Love (2024). This “joyful, militant, political film” is the most recent element in the artist’s multi-part engagement departing from the legacy of Alexandra Kollontai. The film is also screening on April 20th at 16h00. More info at the links above.

  • 02 20

    BOOK TALK. If in New York: Join in at Printed Matter in Chelsea for an event with artist Beth Coleman exploring her project Reality Was Whatever Happened, published in the fall of 2023 by K. Verlag. She will be joined in conversation by writer Zach Blas. 6–8 pm, more info here:

  • 02 15–20

    BOOK PREZI. The ever busy, wonderful Beth Coleman is coming to GSAPP at Columbia University in February to present Octavia Butler AI and her beautiful book Reality Was Whatever Happened (K., 2023). Meanwhile, read the interview from the publication with Beth here:

  • 01 24, 6-8 pm

    BOOK TALK. As we are offering the very last dozen of her book, don’t miss Rosetta S. Elkin, landscape designer and the author of Landscapes of Retreat (K., 2022) in discussion with Mathew Battles, an artist, writer and editor of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum magazine, Arnoldia, taking place at Head Hi bookshop in Brooklyn. More info here:

  • 2023
    12 14

    BOOK TALK. New Yorkers save the date for Rich Pell presenting This Is Not An Artifact at the legendary Printed Matter in Chelsea! From 6–8 pm, Rich will be accompanied as moderator by our NYC-based assistant editor, Lauren Lee. Can’t wait!!

  • 11 21, 19h30

    BOOK TALKS. Join the book’s editors Ursula Böckler, Julia Lazarus, and Alexandra Weltz-Rombach and several Berlin-based and visiting contributors for a celebration and discussion of Radical Film, Art and Digital Media for Societies in Turmoil at the wonderful PROqm bookshop in Mitte!

  • 2–4 November

    BOOK LAUNCH & EXHIBITION & SYMPOSIUM. Beth Coleman’s book Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds is published as one element in her forthcoming exhibition of the same time. Its opening is on November 2nd from 5 to 7 pm and the symposium with contributions by  Beth Coleman, Mitch McEwen, M. Murphy, Alessandra Renzi, Lee Smolin, and Sa Smythe takes place on Nov. 3rd from 3 to 6 pm. The location is in Toronto is the Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto at 39A Queen’s Park Cres East, more info on


  • 10 21, 19h30

    LAUNCH. To celebrate the launch of Rich Pell’s This Is Not An Artifact, K. is hosting a conversation between the author and Julieta Aranda at one of our favorite Berlin bookshops, Pro QM, in Almstadtstrasse. Join us for this very special event !

  • 09 22

    AWARD. Today is the ceremony for the German Publishing Prize – we’re SO proud and excited !!!

  • 09 22–24

    BOOK FAIR. The next “Miss Read” Berlin Art Book Fair and Festival is scheduled to take place at HKW: K. Verlag is excited to be part of it with all our available publications, especially the many titles from the last two years. For more info on the festival, opening times, and so on: click here

  • 07 18

    AWARD. We are overjoyed—K. Verlag has been awarded the 2023 German Publishing Prize!

 Save the date for the award ceremony in Berlin on September 22nd, where we will receive the award for a second time. Or come by to celebrate at the Miss Read Book Fair that same weekend where we will have a table with many new titles.

  • 07 19

    SAVE THE DATE for Ana Hupe’s book talk event for Footnotes to Triangular Cartographies at Hopscotch Reading Room in Berlin. More details coming soon

  • 06 26

    SCREENING, DISCUSSION & K. Verlag BOOK TABLE. Knowledge Ties #3: Amor Rojo (2023) by Dora García. After the screening, Dora will enter into conversation with artist—and also one of our dear friends and published authors—Barbara Marcel and Rike Frank. 📽️📽️📽️ Organized and hosted by Sinema Transtopia, Berlin, 20h00 ( get tickets )

  • 05 30

    ARTICLE. Beth Coleman and her forthcoming book Reality Was Whatever Happened: Octavia Butler AI and Other Possible Worlds are portrayed in this article by Brande Victorian published today in Teen Vogue. Stay tuned for this fantastic and important book in the fall !!

  • 05 24

    CBC RADIO REVIEW. Drawing from Landscapes of Retreat, researcher, author, and landscape architect Rosetta S. Elkin shares some lessons we can learn from Sainte-Flavie in Quebec’s Lower St. Lawrence on Quebec’s CBC Morning program about the way we could adapt to climate change and why it is sometimes important to retreat from spaces where nature claims its rights ( click the link to listen to the segment ) — Also, don’t miss the online version of the publication that we produced and published at

  • 05 20

    AWARD. 🦁🦁🦁 Paulo Tavares, author of the monograph Des-Habitat and an essay in The Word for World is Still Forest, has been awarded the Golden Lion for the pavilion exhibition project Terra, realized in collaboration with Gabriela de Matos, to honor the best national participation at La Biennale di Venezia 2023. Terra challenges the construction of the Brazilian capital, Brasília, which was built by appropriating Indigenous lands—an issue already taken up in Tavares’s engaging 2019 book Des-Habitat, which K. reissued in print in third edition. CONGRATULATIONS to Paulo, Gabriela, and all collaborators and allies!! ✊✊✊

  • 05 20

    BOOK SIGNING. Our most recent publication, Inserts in Real Time by Dora García is the first monograph dedicated to her performance work from the past twenty years. The book will be launched today at 3 pm as part of her current solo exhibition She Has Many Names at M HKA Antwerp ( more info

  • 05 04

    BOOK TALK. Join us in Prague at 6 pm today as we will be meeting Lenka Vesela at the local art book shop and venue ArtMap to discuss her incredible collective publication Synthetic Becoming 

  • 04 11

    AWARD. Congratulations to editor Lenka Veselá and design duo Day Shift Office (Bára Růžičková & Terezie Štindlová)! Synthetic Becoming was selected among The Most Beautiful Czech Books of the Year 2022 in the category of non-fiction literature, an annual award competition organized by the Czech Ministry of Culture and Museum of Czech Literature 🥳🥳🥳

  • 03 23

    REVIEW. Another fantastic review of Synthetic Becoming (in Czech) by Ela Plíhalová for Art Talk

  • 01 30

    REVIEW. Singapore-based art writer Adeline Chua reviewed Climate: Our Right to Breathe for Art Review under the header “What Can Museums Actually Do for Climate Justice?”.

  • 2022
    12 05-07

    BOOK LAUNCH, SYMPOSIUM & EXHIBITION. On the occasion of the release of Synthetic Becoming, book editor and researcher Lenka Veselá has organized this “unconference and interdisciplinary, collective, reflexive, affective, and socially engaged research symposium in art, design, humanities, and social sciences” at Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology. More info with keynotes and full program here.

  • 11 29

    REVIEW. A first article about Synthetic Becoming has appeared in the Chech online journal Clanky. Author Vit Bohal writes about the book: “Synthetic Becoming speaks from the position of a particular planetary politics that takes stock of a new, molecular commonality, and radically engages with the multiplicity of voices that speak through post-colonial, ecological and social critique. The book itself is constructed as a particular material artefact printed on recycled paper in order to mitigate its carbon footprint; but such paper is at the same time ‘weaker, less reliable, and potentially toxic’ due to the higher retention of toxins and bacteria in recycled paper generally. Its reading thus constitutes a material ‘commitment’ on the part of the reader – ‘a material choice to acknowledge dependencies, vulnerabilities, and sensitivities of contemporary life extending beyond our individual selves.’ For better or for worse, within this new molecular commons we never stand alone.”

  • 11 8–9

    LAUNCH & SYMPOSIUM. On the occasion of the release of volumes 1–3 of Fieldguides for a Preternaturalist, artist and author Wendy Morris has organized a two-day gathering and public recital of the work in Antwerp and Brussels. Rooted Encounters: Fields, Forest, and other Imaginings is a symposium on pluralist entanglements of artistic thinking with other research ecologies and considers art’s potential for making a stand within current challenges. Thinking along with philosophies of plant biology, feminist critiques of biotechnology, colonialism, and science, histories of plants out of place, and bark beetles and bitter roots, participants explore the collaborative possibilities of ambulatory libraries, storytelling-as-method, and ecologies of listening. With: Kate Briggs, Paco Calvo, Alexandra Crouwers, Lukas De Clerck, Sepideh Karami, Laurens Dhaenens, Wendy Morris, Nele Möller, Rachel O’Donnell, Renée Turner, Catalina Valdez, and Els Viaene. Event details are here.

  • 10 20

    REVIEW. Another fantastic book review of Carla Zaccagnini’s Cuentos de Cuentas, written by Meg Weeks, has appeared in Hyperallergic.

  • 10 20

    IN TRANSLATION. We’re extremely pleased that Allen S. Weiss’s Unpacking My Library, or, The Autobiography of Teddy was picked up by the French publisher Gallimard and translated by Jean-François Alain: Congratulations, dear Teddy and Allen on the new release of L’autobiographie de Teddy! Today, the radio channel RFI also shared a 29-minute interview with the author(s), and the literary supplement of Le Figaro featured this long review.

  • 10 18

    BOOK TALK. On the occasion of artist Carla Zaccagnini & Ruth Estévez, Director and Chief Curator of Amant, being in town, we will celebrate the release of Cuentos de Cuentas during this cozy book talk event at our studio in Fahrbereitschaft, from 7–9 pm. RSVP via info[at]k-verlag[dot]org

  • 10 11

    REVIEW. A lovely article written by Lyle Rexer about Cuentos de Cuentas by Carla Zaccagnini has appeared in The Brooklyn Rail:

  • 10 12–13

    LAUNCH & SYMPOSIUM “PUBLISHING AS REPAIR.” To celebrate the launch of the anthology CLIMATE: Our Right to Breathe, edited by Hiuwai Chu, Meagan Down, Nkule Mabaso, Pablo Martínez, and Corina Oprea, co-publisher L’internationale Online (together with HDK-Valand) has organized an exciting program of talks and performances. Contributors include: Leuli Eshraghi, Svitlana Matviyenko, Forensic Architecture, Ana Teixera Pinto, and Françoise Vergès (day 1) and Jonatan Habib Enqvist, Marti Manen, Yvette Mutumba, Paul O’Neill, and Anna-Sophie Springer, among others (day 2). Location: Gothenburg City Library

  • 10 20–23

    ART BOOK FESTIVAL & SYMPOSIUM. Taking place at Portikus, Frankfurt, HOW(EVER) is an event dedicated to contemporary forms of art publishing. Happening in conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair, HOW(EVER) offers a glimpse into the vibrant practices of over 200 publishing communities and showcases diverse approaches to bookmaking. The symposium HOW(EVER) RADICAL OBJECTS features a conversation between the event’s co-curator Manuel Cirauqui and K. Verlag’s long-term author and supporter, artist Dora García, on the occasion of this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair guest country being Spain. HOW(EVER)’s programmatic focus is on the poetic and political power of publishing—and its possibilities as a form of resistance.

  • 09 20–25

    SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Masterclass, Lecture & Book fair. “The New Forest” is a five-year collaboration between The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) and Singapore International Photography Festival, unfolding across a series of masterclasses and culminating in an exhibition and a book. This year, the masterclass is co-led by Robert Zhao, founder of ICZ, and the invited guest instructor, Anna-Sophie Springer of K. Verlag, Inviting artists to embark on long-term projects examining humankind’s relationship with nature, the workshop’s thematic discussions will focus on the “art of noticing” in our daily environments, especially in unconventional places beyond parks, nature reserves, or the zoo. Robert and Anna-Sophie will guide participants to develop a personal project and vision that reconsiders ecology and its possibilities, while also offering critical perspectives on artistic and editorial methodologies. Some issues that will be investigated include the consequences of the alleged separation between culture and nature, as well as the privileging of humans over nonhuman species. The participants’ projects will be in (but not limited to) lens-based media and is suitable for those interested in nature and its entanglements with history, science, and society. More information here

  • 08 28

    NEWSLETTER. For an initial fall season update from our publishing atelier go here.

  • JULY

    FREE EPUB DOWNLOAD. To both honor Alexandra Kollontai’s legacy for May Day and to support the fight for reproductive rights and the right to abortion, we have made the e-book of Love With Obstacles (AMOR ROJO) free on our website—please click HERE to download the file and share this important collection of radical feminist writing, art, and activism widely!

  • 06 05, 4–6 pm

    LAUNCH. Save the date to join us at Zabriskie Books for Art & Nature for a gathering around These Birds of Temptation when various local contributors will read excerpts from their pieces—everyone’s names to be added here very soon!

  • 06 5–12

    BROWSE. Please find our latest publications at Milan design week ALCOVA where our friends from the Art Book Fair Basel are presenting a selection of art publications. 

  • 05 03

    NEWSLETTER. For a message on our latest events and titles read on here.

  • 05 02

    REVIEW. A stunning review written by Sheelah Kolhatkar of Carla Zaccagnini’s exhibition Cuentos de Cuentas/Accounts of Accounting has appeared in The New Yorker


  • 04 29–05 01

    FAIR. This year’s Berlin Art Book Fair will take place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and will bring together a wide selection of publishers, art periodicals, and artists/authors. We are excited to see you at our table—Miss Read will be the first in-person fair happening for us in a while…

  • 04 29–05 01

    FAIR. This spring, we will be represented at the upcoming Singapore Art Book Fair 2022 by Robert Zhao Renhui. Grateful and excited for this possibility!!

  • 04 21, 3-9 PM

    VENICE BOOK BOOTH. Pick up our 2022 catalog and most recent publications at Il Gazzettino, a local kiosk transformed for the duration of one day into a discursive platform for indie magazines and artist publications from around the world by Studio Lukas Feireiss & Friends. Via Garibaldi, Venice, Italy.

  • 04 13, 6h30 PM

    BOOK LAUNCH & OPENING. When Carla Zaccagnini’s solo exhibition Accounts of Accounting at Amant in Brooklyn opens, it is also the launch of her accompanying artist’s book Cuentos der Cuentas. The exhibition preview will include a conversation about the book between Carla Zaccagnini and Rivka Galchen. If in NYC: don’t miss!

  • 04 12

    NEWSLETTER. As spring has arrived here in Berlin, escaping the world for twenty minutes or so with a good book in hand seems like a blissful little option. At K. Verlag, we’ve been working tirelessly to keep such moments coming and this is our latest update.

  • 03 02

    NEWSLETTER. In case you’ve missed the latest updates, find it all here – and sign up for next time!

  • 2021
    12 15

    SCREENING & DISCUSSION. Join us at the Fahrbereitschaft Bar in Berlin-Lichtenberg on Wednesday 15 December at 5pm for the first in-person screening of CODEX ENTROPIA, a new film by artist Richard Pell. NOTE: This event is 2G+
    > RSVP is required. RSVP here.
    > Proof of vaccination & negative COVID test are required.
    > Masks are required. 
    > Doors open 5pm.

    Outdoor fireside glühwein reception to follow the screening & discussion with the artist. 

  • 10 18–26

    DISCOUNT SALE & BOOK FAIR. During our remote participation in the Virtual Vancouver Art Book Fair we offer all books at a 25% discount + shipping. We’ve also curated program of multimedia content accessible via the VABF’s platform. Stop by and browse on !

  • 10 13

    NEWSLETTER. In case you’ve missed the latest updates, find it all here – and sign up for next time!

  • 09 11

    FREE EPUB DOWNLOAD. K. Verlag now offers a free download of the Amor Rojo e-book edition on the occasion of Dora García’s Fall 2021 exhibitions IF I COULD WISH FOR SOMETHING, concurrently on view at Fotogalleriet Oslo and Netwerk Aalst in Belgium. Simply click HERE to download the ebook. This free download is available until 17 October 2021.

  • 09 25

    LAUNCH. Allen S. Weiss’s new book Figure Against Form:The Dolls of Michel Nedjar is published on the occasion of Michel Nedjar’s retrospective exhibition Filiations at Château de Chamarande in Essonne, France opening on 25 September 2021. Both the artist and the author will be present and books will be signed during the event. The exhibition runs until 9 January 2022.

  • 08 15

    FAIR. Join us and many other small presses from Berlin at Hopscotch’s summer art book fair! Kurfürstenstr. 14, 12–18h00.

  • 08 11

    LAUNCH. Join Bianca Baldi and her collaborators for a public presentation of Play-White at Grazer Kunstverein. Event details on their website.

  • July

    ESSAY-CONVERSATION. In “Publishing as Relay,” K. publisher Anna-Sophie Springer and Caleb Waldorf (co-founder of Triple Canopy) discuss their respective experiences as artistic pubilshers against the background of distribution, digital fragmentation, and the Covid-pandemic. The text is their contribution to the new book Art Writing in Crisis, co-edited by Brad Haylock & Megan Patty, Sternberg Press, 2021.

  • July

    INTERVIEW. “Interconnection and Multidimensionality” is a new conversation between Vida Rucli and K. publisher Anna-Sophie Springer in the multi-lingual magazine Robida 7 “Forests.”

  • 07 16

    PERFORMANCE. Hanna Mattes & David Rothenberg present “Take Me to That Landscape,” a poetry and sound collaboration probing truth, contact, and interrelation amidst the uncertainties of our world. Conceived virtually in 2020, Mattes & Rothenberg now coalesce to perform the work at Tiergarten in Berlin. We will meet at 6h45 pm in front of Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The performance begins at 7 pm at a secret location nearby.

  • 06 26

    OPEN STUDIOS. The community of the Fahrbereitschaft studio compound welcomes the public for a day of open studios—K. Verlag will have a special sale and we look forward to seeing many of you in the yard after this long pandemic winter. 12–7 pm

  • 06 20

    LAUNCH. The Animalcules Colouring Book, compiled by Nina Canell & Robin Watkins is launched in an afternoon event at Hopscotch, Kurfürstenstrasse 14. Kids, young and old, can color in the pages of this new beauty. Outside, 3–6 pm

  • 06 10

    EXHIBITION & REVIEW. The group exhibition SWEAT, curated by Raphael Fonseca & Anna Schneider, opens at Haus der Kunst Munich. SWEAT is traversed by unique poetics of pleasure and polyphony. It brings together 30 artistic voices that range from present-day to pioneering works from the 1970s and 80s, which mobilize forms of radical social emancipation. The attendant book is produced by K. Verlag and will be launched in early September. Exhibition review by Catrin Lorch in Die Süddeutsche Zeitung, 11 June:

  • 04 12

    SEMINAR. Zurich University of the Arts. On invitation by Yvonne Wilhelm and Thomas Hübler (Knowbotiq Research), K. director Anna-Sophie Springer will join the MA seminar “A World of Many Worlds – Approaching the Planetary” at Institute for Contemporary Art Research to discuss her practice through a selection of recent book and exhibition projects.

  • 03 19

    BOOK-EXHIBITION LAUNCH. 🥳🥳🥳 This afternoon, K. director Anna-Sophie Springer will participate in a Q & A about her book-as-exhibition approach. The event is part of the launch/vernissage of among bodies / zwischen körpern by the curatorial collective of Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin. First conceived as a group exhibition, the project was instead reimagined as printed matter in response to the pandemic closure of public museum and galleries, which was made possible through a unique collaboration with K. Verlag. Join the editors, curators, artists, & designers for an afternoon of presentations via

  • 03 05-07

    BOOK FAIR. The organizers of the Singapore Art Book Fair encouraged a new format of partnerships between local and international publishers as a means to circumnavigate pandemic travel restrictions. We are super excited to collaborate with Singapore artist Robert Zhao Renhui on sharing a table during this year’s SGABF and look forward to being represented by him during our first ever presence at an art book fair in Asia!

  • 02 25–29

    DISCOUNT. For the duration of the Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair the books are up to 15% cheaper via direct order from this site.

  • 02 24–28

    BOOK FAIR. We are pleased to announce that K. will be part of the next New York Printed Matter Art Book Fair; usually held each fall at MoMA PS1, the fair features hundreds of international publishers, hosting talks, workshops, book launches, and performances. This year due to the pandemic, the fair has been postponed until February 24–28, and will instead occur online, with each publisher, curating their own virtual table. Besides presenting books—including some very exciting new titles—we will host a lovely live program of daily events as well as offer video and audio material. Please save the date and hope to see you, if not sooner, on the occasion of PMVABF!

  • 02 28

    2 pm EST / 8 pm CET _ K. @ PMVABF. PERFORMANCE. Take Me to That Landscape, by Hanna Mattes & David Rothenberg. After six months of experimenting remotely between Berlin and NY, Mattes & Rothenberg will give their very first live performance. And we get to conclude our book fair program with a global premiere bringing together spoken word and music!

  • 02 27

    POSTPONED FOR ILL HEALTH – 1 pm EST / 7 pm CET _ K. @ PMVABF. LECTURE and Q&A. Des-Habitat and Reparation Architecture, by Paulo Tavares. With his book Des-Habitat, Brazilian architect, activist, and curator Paulo Tavares intervenes in Lina Bo Bardi’s Habitat and shows how the 1950s-magazine’s modern visual language functioned as a framing device to conceal its own coloniality.

  • 02 26

    1 pm EST / 7 pm CET _ K. @ PMVABF. LAUNCH. Despite Dispossession: An Activity Book by The Willful Weeds Research Group. Celebrate the release of the first new title of 2021 in a workshop on itinerant practices of resistance with the artist-author-editors İpek Hamzaoğlu, Berhanu Deribew, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Rojda Tuğrul, Janine Jembere, Sílvia das Fadas, and Anette Baldauf as well as the K. atelier’s design collaborators Wolfgang Hückel & Katharina Tauer

  • 02 25

    1 pm EST / 7 pm CET _ K. @ PMVABF. BOOK TALK. Love with Obstacles: Amor Rojo. Book talk & film screening about the legacies of Alexandra Kollontai, current feminist issues in Mexico, and Dora García’s Love with Obstacles project’s ongoing outlook. With Ruth Estévez, Paloma Contreras Lomas, Dora García, Alex Gifreu, Maria Lind, Carla Lamoyi, Rina Ortiz, Álvaro Ruiz Rodilla, and Ana Sofía Rodríguez Everaert.

  • 02 22

    NEWSLETTER. Get K. Verlag’s Detailed Event Program for Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair, 24–28 February — K. Verlag is about to participate for the first time in the Printed Matter Art Book Fair. Over the course of five days, the PMVirtualABF will be a gathering place for visitors to learn about and purchase books from all around the world. In addition to presenting books, including five (!) new titles, our virtual “booth” will offer a great selection of prerecorded multimedia content. But we’ve also prepared a free program of daily live events, including book talks, a workshop, Q & A, and spoken word & music.

  • 02 19 – 04 18

    EXHIBITION. A selection of our publications are now part of the exhibition Editorial Thinking at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in Stockholm. Thanks so much to Marti Manen and Jasmine Hincks for the wonderful invitation to participate. We’ll be there in spirit—and in paper!

  • 01 27

    SCREENING. Don’t miss Dora García’s fantastic artist film Love with Obstacles on Alexandra Kollontai & subsequent Q&A streamed publicly for the “Artistic Research Week” of Oslo National Academy of the Arts (6–7.20 pm)

  • 01 25

    BOOK TALK. Join Dora García on Zoom as she presents Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo) in a public event for the “Artistic Research Week” of Oslo National Academy of the Arts (4–5 pm)

  • 01 19

    PRESS. Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel published Robert Klage’s lovely portrait of Anna-Sophie and K. Verlag in today’s print edition. A minor errata: our book wall is really 6 meters tall; some days looking straight up feels like standing beneath a skyscraper. We used a pretty huge sky-lift vehicle and mountain climber harnesses to install the shelves. Before manual refurbishment, these shelves were a fortunate inheritance from the dismantled library of the Zoological Collections in Halle/Saale.

  • 01 11

    PRESS. A lovely portrait of Anna-Sophie and K. Verlag today, written by Robert Klages for the newspaper Tagesspiel “Leute: Berlin-Lichtenberg” online. Thank you very much!

  • 01 07

    SEMINAR. Hochschule Düsseldorf. Today, K. director Anna-Sophie Springer will share her curatorial-editorial methodologies with the participants of CLUB DONNA organized by Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon (Accattone magazine) at Peter Behrens School of Arts, Hochschule Düsseldorf. The seminar is about a renewed relationship to land, matter, “nature,” and localities against the backdrop of the new climate conditions and explores the work of contemporary artists, photographers, architects, botanists, and landscape designers.

  • 2020
    12 11

    NEWSLETTER. With this vortex year nearly finished, read up on some exciting things to come. We also owe the biggest thank you to Ginny Davies and Megan Ricca, who both joined us as interns from London for the past 3 months. One of the outcomes of their time at the atelier are the many new book photos populating this website👏.

  • 10 14, 7 pm (Berlin) & 12 pm (Mexico)

    BOOK TALK. To mark the release of Dora García’s publication, Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo), the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University in Massachusetts is hosting a virtual book launch and conversation exploring the rich legacy of Alexandra Kollantai. Kollontai (St. Petersburg, 1872–Moscow, 1952) was an October revolutionary, social activist, feminist, and intellectual who was a key agitator for the sexual and social emancipation of women.

    Moderated by Senior Curator-at-Large Ruth Estévez, Dora García will be joined by Rina Ortiz (a Mexican scholar of Kollontai and contributing writer to the book) and Anna-Sophie Springer (the book’s editor and director of its publisher, K. Verlag), and by Shoniqua Roach (Assistant Professor of African and African American Studies & Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Brandeis University). Tune in for a lively discussion on Kollantai’s contributions towards protecting women’s rights, the importance of fiction and private correspondence in the construction of political thought, and how Kollantai’s ideas on radical social change continue to inspire and mobilize a new generation of feminist thinkers and activists. The conversation will be hosted online via Zoom Webinar. Please RSVP to receive login credentials! 

  • 10 02-04

    VIDEO PROGRAM & RECEPTION. After 2.5 years of a council ban to host any public art events at our studio compound, the Fahrbereitschaft, our landlord the haubrok foundation finally got permission again. To celebrate this great news we are participating in the weekend of Open Studios with a book table & a re-run of the beautiful outdoor screening program silvopasture works on Friday, 2 Oct, 6–9 pm. We hope to see you on Friday to kick off the days of Open House weekend!

  • 09 18, 3–9 pm

    OUTDOOR SCREENING. For this year’s edition of I NEVER READ, Art Book Fair Basel at Schaulager, Anna-Sophie has curated a one-day outdoor screening for the enormous 7×5-meter LED screens on the building’s facade. Entitled “silvopasture works,” the program presents artistic contributions in print, video, and photography by Elisa Balmaceda, Rosa Barba, Priyanka Basu & Steve Rowell , Carolina Borrero Arias, Dora García, Ana Hupe, Geraldine Juárez, Armin Linke, Hanna Mattes, Martina Pozzan , Ela Spalding, Joel Tauber, Raul Walch, and Tania Willard. Schaulager: Laurenz-Stiftung, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, CH-4142 Basel/Münchenstein.

  • 09 18, 7–9.30 pm

    TOAST. Since the weather is nice here in Berlin, we’ve decided to host a parallel outside screening of silvopasture works on the compound of our Verlagsatelier in FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. Details here and if you’d like to join, please RSVP.

  • 09 17

    NEWSLETTER. Read the latest one here.

  • 09 17–20

    BOOK FAIR. This extraordinary year… if all goes according to plan (sorry, what?!) we will be at I NEVER READ Art Book Fair Basel, at Schaulager, Laurenz-Stiftung, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, 4142 Basel/Münchenstein, Switzerland.

  • 08 20

    LAUNCH. haubrok foundation, 7–9 pm. To celebrate the release of Michel Würthle: Les Trois Mois – 8 Harte Eier the original works on paper are displayed in the new spaces of the haubrok foundation, our partner in realizing this publication. Michel will be there to sign and continue to work a little on some of the editions. RSVP necessary via

  • 08 19

    NEWSLETTER. Read the latest report from the K. atelier here and do click to subscribe to future ones (:

  • 07 23

    LAUNCH. ProjecteSD, Barcelona, 6 pm. To celebrate the release of Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo), Dora García’s gallery in Barcelona is hosting a launch and presentation by the artist. Dora will focus on the intersectional connections in Love with Obstacles (Amor Rojo) that link Kollontai’s fight for women and labor with these contemporary struggles against structural injustice. As a current precaution, the guest list is limited; kindly RSVP at ProjecteSD if you’d like to attend.

  • 07 17

    LAUNCH. 8 pm CEST / 2 pm EST. Marking the release of Unpacking my Library, or, The Autobiography of Teddy—and also to commemorate the first appearance of Walter Benjamin’s text “Ich packe meine Bibliothek aus” [Unpacking My Library] in the magazine Die Literarische Welt on this day 89 years ago—join us for a live reading with the author Allen S. Weiss. [RSVP for conference link]

  • 07 07

    NEWSLETTER. A summary of joyful summer news.

  • 05 18

    AWARD. K. Verlag was awarded a Deutscher Verlagspreis 2020 (German Publishing Prize) by the Federal Ministry of Culture. We are most grateful for this fantastic recognition. This is the best. Congratulations to all the other bookmakers, too! [ Jury Statement in German]

  • 2019
    12 15

    LAUNCH. If in Berlin, please join us for a cosy evening brimming with love! Come to the fantastic Zabriskie bookshop and listen to Hanna Mattes reading the poems from her stunningly illustrated publication, The Lunar System

  • 12 13

    NEWSLETTER. The announcement of the presentation by Hanna Mattes for “The Lunar System” is now archived here.

  • 11 26

    AWARD. “The Work of Wind: Land,” co-edited last year by Christine Shaw & Etienne Turpin—and designed in collaboration with the amazing Katharina Tauer—has won this year’s “Best Book Design Award” in the Canadian OAAG competition of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. Huge congratulations to everyone involved. We are especially proud since it’s already the second national design award K. received this year together with Katharina!

  • 10 19–11 30

    EXHIBITION. “…where books take shape and materials lose form…” Exhibition by Nina Canell, Robin Watkins, and K. Verlag at Progetto Gallery, Via Idomeneo 72, Lecce, Italia; by appointment; more info here.

  • 10 18

    LAUNCH. “…where the market dwellers will be invited to colour in and get lost in the potentiality of vegetable shapes…” The “Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book” @ Le Maniffature Knos indoor market, Via Vecchia Frigole 36, Lecce, Italia, 18h30–21h00.

  • 10 18

    NEWSLETTER. If you’d like to re-read the mail-out about the time at Progetto with Nina Canell & Robin Watkins, please go here.

  • 10 06–27

    RESIDENCY. “Together. To gather. Collate, col-, act, collect. Glue together, colla, collaborate. Collagenate. Coagulate. Colour in, colorarlo, collaborare. Laborare. Labour together. To gather together. Colander together.” Hosted by Progetto in Lecce, Anna-Sophie had the great fortune to share five-hundred hours together with Nina Canell & Robin Watkins. Collaboratively exploring Lecce town and the surrounding Salento region, this experience culminated in the launch of the “Vegetable Teratology Colouring Book,” co-edited by Nina Canell & Robin Watkins and published by K.

  • 09 12–15

    EDITIONS SHOWROOM. This year, we are among the 12 invited publishers presenting their work in the Salon of the Art Berlin artfair in the building of the former Tempelhof airport. 

  • 09 11–30

    EXHIBITION. The Belmacz gallery in London is pleased to present an exhibition dedicated to artist publications. And we are pleased to be a part of the exhibition entitled “B” with Fantasies of the Library. 

  • 09 06

    AWARD EXHIBITION. The “most beautiful books” selected by Stiftung Buchkunst are being celebrated tonight at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. We’ll receive our certificate for On Reconciliation. Come join us and meet other publishers, designers, and authors!