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Rosetta S. Elkin

Landscapes of Retreat are portraits of climate adaptation. Retreat is found in the land that is left behind as settlement patterns shift due to a changing climate. The term landscape refers to the earth animated by the aliveness of creatures and organisms, and the term retreat suggests that human patterns are not fixed but might also be enlivened. Featuring in-depth field studies from Nijinomatsubara Forest/Japan, Maule River/Chile, Niugtaq Village/Alaska, Langtang Park/Nepal, and Gaspésie Peninsula/Québec, the stories in Landscapes of Retreat suggest that communities are more likely to adapt to change when the landscape is appreciated, so that retreat can be valued. The results cut across history, fieldwork, citizenship, and geography in order to rethink and rework “change” as a means toward shared climate futures.

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ROSETTA S. ELKIN is Associate Professor and Academic Director of Landscape Architecture at Pratt Institute, Principal of Practice Landscape and Research Associate at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. She is author of Plant Life: The Entangled Politics of Afforestation and Tiny Taxonomy: Individual Plants in Landscape Architecture.




Landscapes of Retreat by Rosetta S. Elkin. With guest contributions by Mariel Collard Arias, John Koepke, Sara Pantuliano, and Bernardo Reyes. Creative director and editor: Etienne Turpin. Book design by K. Verlag with Ginny Rose Davies. Web platform by K. Verlag with Liam Asprey.



14 x 21 cm

328 pages (with 4 double-foldout spreads)

Color and b/w images

Softcover, thread stitching

ISBN 978-3-947858-45-3



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Published in Fall 2022




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