Traversals – OUT OF PRINT

Five Conversations on Art and Writing

Traversals is based on a series of conceptual interviews with the artists and writers Dora García, Chris Kraus, Charles Stankievech, Mark von Schlegell and Jacob Wren that Anna-Sophie Springer originally conducted for her wall installation TRAVERSALS (With Ladder) in 2011. A portable re-issue of these texts, the publication contextualizes her work on the book-as-exhibition. Each invited contributor has found a unique way to explore the hybrid spaces between genres and art forms and the relationship between visual art and writing. Originally in the exhibition, the interviews were pinned to the wall in a grid while a sliding library ladder allowed for a playfully embodied reading experience. The spatialized format revealed the parallels in the conversations as well as their differences—particularly as the conversations evolve. This slender book objectifies the texts, with red ink guiding the reader-viewer’s eyes.


Traversals: Five Conversations on Art and Writing. Edited by Anna-Sophie Springer. With contributions by Dora García, Chris Kraus, Charles Stankievech, Mark von Schlegell, Anna-Sophie Springer, and Jacob Wren. Design by Charles Stankievech
86 Pages, 11 x 18.3 cm
1 Black/white image and red Pantone spot ink
Cloth-bound hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9877949-9-4
Published in September 2014


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