Raphael Fonseca & Anna Schneider (eds.)

Sweat is an expression of life. Sweat connotes resistance, transformation, and attraction; it divulges joy and excess; it evinces fear and illness, and is evidence of dedication and exertion. By way of this salty moisture, vitality becomes a physical residue that enlivens the senses. This bodily juice thus affords a material filter through which recurrent cultural themes of the human—dynamics of interiority and expression, physical labor, sex and sexuality—can be read as enmeshed within the biophysical process of sweating. It is therefore productive to consider to what extent, and for which bodies, cultural norms and social values ​converge within and thereby overcode this transparent secretion.*


Sweat, the book, is published in conjunction with Sweat, group exhibition of the same title taking place at Haus der Kunst (Munich) from June 2021 to January 2022. The result of two years of intensive research, Sweat brings together 30 artistic voices that respond to several conditions of political pressure. The artistic positions range from present-day to pioneering works from the 1970s and 80s that mobilized feminist and postcolonial movements in art and society, opening up historical perspectives on artistic languages that were embedded in forms of radical social emancipation. Sweat is traversed by unique poetics of pleasure and polyphony. These counter politics of enmity and exclusion through the creation of sensual acts of self-determination and the materialization of stories that have hitherto been silenced and rendered invisible. In the book, the powerful constellation of artistic work is reflected and further explored in a series of specially commissioned essays by international scholars, activists, and curators. As Sweat co-editor Raphael Fonseca writes in the book: "Living by itself is already an act of resistance—and here sweat is a sign that we are alive." The publication is sensuously designed by Estúdio Margem from São Paulo with the practice of Carnival in mind as a form of "life in rehearsal" (Ruthie Wilson Gilmore). It offers guidance, tools, and spaces of imagination for exhibition visitors and reader-viewers alike. 



[DE]  Schweiß ist Ausdruck von Leben. Schweiß erzählt von Widerstand, von Transformation und Anziehung. Er markiert Angst und Krankheit, bezeugt Hingabe und Erschöpfung. Der Körpersaft bildet demnach einen Filter, durch den sich zentrale Themen des Menschseins ablesen lassen. Inwiefern und im Hinblick auf welche Körper aber laufen auch bestimmte kulturelle Normen und gesellschaftliche Werte in diesem durchsichtigen Sekret zusammen? Wir sind mehr denn je Zeugen des globalen Maßstabs systemischer Ungerechtigkeit, aber auch der enormen Kräfte sich transnational formierender Widerstandsbewegungen. Vor diesem Hintergrund versammelt SWEAT mehr als 30 bahnbrechende künstlerische Stimmen, derenWerke seit den 1970er Jahren an unterschiedlichen Orten und angesichts verschiedener feministischer und postkolonialer Unabhängigkeitsbewegungen in Kunst und Gesellschaft entstanden sind. Verschiedenen Politiken der Feindschaft und des Ausschlusses stellt SWEAT die erfindungsreiche Poesie des Vergnügens und der Polyphonie entgegen und widmet sich lustvollen Akten der Selbstbestimmung und Geschichten über Körper und Sinne. Die Publikation erscheint aus Anlass der gleichnamigen Gruppenausstellung SWEAT am Haus der Kunst München.

Sweat. Edited by Raphael Fonseca & Anna Schneider. With artwork by Pacita Abad, Mohamed Bourouissa, chameckilerner, Mary Beth Edelson, Philipp Gufler, Eisa Jocson, Isaac Julien, Natalia LL, Daniel Lind-Ramos, MAHKU (Movement of Huni Kuin Artists), António Ole, Santiago Reyes, Tabita Rezaire, Guadalupe Rosales, Jacolby Satterwhite, Tschabalala Self, Tuesday Smillie, João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, Kaylene Whiskey, Zadie Xa, and others. With texts by Olamiju Fajemisin, Raphael Fonseca, Renée Akitelek Mboya, André Lepecki, Andrea Lissoni, Miguel Lopez, Anna Schneider, Elena Setzer, Claire Tancons, and Helena Vieira. Translation by Stephan Geene and Anna-Sophie Springer. Design by Estúdio Margem, São Paolo


English / German

17 x 24 cm

288 pages

Color images

Threadbound / otabind

ISBN 978-3-947858-28-6


Forthcoming in September 2021 – available for pre-order !