Landscapes of Retreat – SEPTEMBER 2022

Rosetta S. Elkin

Landscape refers to the earth as it is animated by local inhabitants and transient entities; retreat is a process demonstrating how proximities are not fixed but may instead be enlivened elsewhere and enacted otherwise. Featuring in-depth field studies from Niji No Matsubara, El Maule, Niugtaq, Langtang, and Gaspésie, Landscapes of Retreat gathers stories seeded in the land left behind as human settlement patterns are adapted to the climate emergency. 
The printed matter publication is accompanied by a free, online publication ( that features additional photography, interviews, audio-visual materials, and an extensive index of additional retreat cases for further study.


Rosetta S. Elkin is an accomplished landscape architect, scholar and the founding director of Practice Landscape, a collaborative, multidisciplinary firm specializing in ecological assessments, plant inventories and research-led landscape design. Her career is inspired by a closer understanding of the climate in relation to how societies represent, respect and cultivate land. In Elkin’s words: “The endless connections between plant and human life are physically manifest in the landscape, while the practices that unite people and place are entrenched in their relationship to plants.” Most recently, she has been named Academic Director of Pratt Institute’s new Master of Landscape Architecture Program (MLA).




Forthcoming in June 2022