Owned by Others: A Map to Possession Island – FALL 2023

Lutz Henke, Anna-Sophie Springer & Raul Walch (eds.)

Owned by Others: A Map to Possession Island is the published companion and continuation of a series of artistic interventions organized by the Berlin initiative Owned by Others on Museum Island. In autumn 2020, a temporarily rented travel agency specializing in Caribbean travel that had to close due to the pandemic became a new collective meeting place: “Museum Tropicana.” Located just on the other side of the river from the Humboldt Forum, it instantiated a critical and visionary counter-proposal to a reactionary urban planning that has cemented in the heart of Berlin. 


This forthcoming book examines the scope for action of artistic interventions by exploring the interstices of an institutionally-mummified city center. It interrogates Museum Island as a place constituted by layers of authentic locations and objects and narratives accumulated in collections. The publication shows in an exemplary manner that a “revitalization” of the museologized city center also benefits from the relational, lived experience of contemporary artists. As a reflections on themes such as possession, appropriation and belonging, A Map to Possession Island aims to address a broad readership and supports a collective and lively psychogeography and engagement with the past, present, and future of this urban island in the middle of Berlin.

Owned by Others: A Map to Possession Island. Edited by Lutz Henke, Raul Walch & Anna-Sophie Springer. With contributions by Aïsha Ariella Azoulay, Melanie Garland, Nathaniel Flakin, Carla J. Maier, Nnenna Onuoha, Patrice Poutrus, Adela Taleb, Katharina Warda, and others. Design by Basics09.



186 pages

15 x 23 cm 

Color and black/white images

Softcover with flaps, thread-bound 

ISBN 978-3-947858-39-2



Forthcoming in Fall 2023