2023 – one day, one day at a time — OCTOBER 2022

— Die Junge Akademie, ed.

With the publication of 2023 – one day, one day at a time, the annual calendar of Die Junge Akademie now appears in its ninth edition. As the first to be conceived and designed by the Berlin-based press K. Verlag, the character of this book, or rather, this book-as-calendar, consists in its unfolding of the trace of our hurtling through space on a planet spinning around a brilliant ball of gaseous spacefire. Perhaps as a result of the calendar’s pervasive cultural presence (and by now largely digital or digitized presentation), its cosmographic dimension easily tends to escape us. We fill it with meetings and plans, notes and lists—innumerable activities that ensure our attention is left little if any opportunity to dwell on the idea of Earth’s circumsolar pathway.


As we began to reflect on the reality of the universe as a nonlinear multiplicity of processes and rhythms, a calendar seemed less a rational tool of organization and more a way we could pause and recognize the flows and patterns of time as integral elements of all life on the Earth. With 2023 – one day, one day at a time, we want to emphasize the relational and ritualistic capacities of calendars to incline us toward meaningful temporalities. Can the calendar become a way to remind ourselves of our existential embeddedness in the course of nature?


Not merely a functional notebook, 2023 – one day, one day at a time is interspersed with seven meditations on the multidimensionality of time written by current members and alumni of Die Junge Akademie—Anna Ahlers, Michael Bies, Isabelle Dolezalek, Racha Kirakosian, Rona Kobel, Hermine Mitter, and Senthuran Varatharajah—who were invited to respond to one artifact specifically suggested to each of them. These short, thoughtful pieces are published alongside selections from Mesmerizing Mesh (2021–), the latest series of works on paper by Berlin- and Seoul-based artist Haegue Yang. With exuberant titles such as Barbell-Powered Sunrising Soul Sheet Atop Another or Butterfly Windblast Arrow Formation, Yang’s intricate patterns of geometry dance forth in a play of ten thousand things—like a kaleidoscope uniting abstraction and form. Inviting us to contemplate how one folds in the multiple as the multiple enfolds the one, these artworks enhance our cultural literacy of living configurations, time-scapes, and cosmic emergence.


As a collaborative experiment, this beautifully designed yearly planner intervenes into the calendar’s rhythmic fidelity to the Earth’s year-long orbit around the Sun with a series of idiorhythmic interruptions, diversions, and occasions for pause and reflection to remind us that planet, in fact, means wanderer.



DIE JUNGE AKADEMIE was founded in 2000 as the world’s first academy for outstanding young academics. Its members—who come from all academic disciplines as well as creative fields—explore the potential and limits of interdisciplinary work in new projects, aim to encourage dialogue between academia and society, and provide new impetus in discussions about scientific policy. Die Junge Akademie is supported by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. Its office is located in Berlin.


HAEGUE YANG, born 1971 in Seoul, Korea, lives and works between Berlin and Seoul. She serves as Vice-Rector of the Städel- schule, Frankfurt am Main, where she also graduated as Meisterschüler in 1999. Spanning a vast range of media— from collage to kinetic sculpture and room-scaled installations—Yang’s work links disparate histories and traditions in a visual idiom all her own. The artist draws on a variety of craft techniques and materials, and the cultural connotations they carry: from drying racks to Venetian blinds, hanji paper to artificial straw. She is known for her multi-sensory installations that activate perception beyond the visual, creating immersive experiences that treat issues such as labor, migration and displacement from the oblique vantage of the aesthetic.

2023 – one day, one day at a time. Edited by Die Junge Akademie. With written contributions by Anna Lise Ahlers, Michael Bies, Isabelle Dolezalek, Racha Kirakosian, Rona Kobel, Hermine Mitter, and Senthuran Varatharajah; reproductions from Mesmerizing Mesh (2021–) by Haegue Yang. English translations by Kevin Kennedy. Design by Wolfgang Hückel & K. Verlag. Concept by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin in collaboration with Oliver Rymek/Die Junge Akademie


418 pages
15.5 x 21.5 cm
Color and b/w images

Softcover with Otabind

Includes the academic monthly calendar for Oct 2022–March 2024

and full daily pages for all of 2023


Forthcoming in October 2022