Inserts in Real Time – MAY 2023

Dora García

Inserts in Real Time is the first monograph on the performance work developed by artist Dora García over the past twenty years. The book contains a conversation between the artist and curator Joanna Zielińska; a selection of her performance scripts; her performances to date, listed, illustrated, described, and contextualized; and three newly commissioned texts—by art historian Sven Lütticken, performance theorist Bojana Cvejić, and Dora García.


The publication is co-published with M HKA, Antwerp, and accompanies Dora García’s exhibition She Has Many Names, 10 February to 21 May 2023, curated by Joanna Zielińska. Both the exhibition and publication provide unique yet distinct overviews of the artist’s performance-based works and gestures, as well as new political, feminist, and queer readings of various artworks.

Inserts in Real Time: Performance Work 2000–2023 by Dora García. With contributions by Dora García, Sven Lütticken, Bojana Cvejić, and Joanna Zielińska. Design by Alex Gifreu.



ISBN 978-3-947858-53-8

Book specifications to be announced


Exhibition brochure from M HKA Antwerp


Forthcoming in May 2023