Decapitated Economies – 2024

intercalations 5

intercalations 5 ... is a book of provocations wherein the reader-as-exhibition-viewer learns that the “head,” despite its interminable rule over the body, necessarily underestimates the sophistication of corporeal desire when such desire is unleashed in accord with the principles of a general economy. ── With contributions addressing a wide spectrum of headlessness and its many operational forms, from the invention of the guillotine to the maintenance of the museum repository, from annual shareholder reports to Indigenous sovereignty struggles, and from neuroscientific advancements to brain surgery narratives, as well as the housing crisis, ocean pollution, settlement and cerealization, wheat banks, political murder, human extinction, and much more.

Decapitated Economies. Edited by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin. With contributions by Maria Thereza Alves; Elisa Balmaceda & Yayo Herero (with translation by Christopher Winks); Priyanka Basu & Steve Rowell; Michaela Büsse; Ollie Cameron; Tatenda Chidora; Musquiqui Chihying & Gregor Kasper with Abdel Amine; DT Cochrane; Lucas Cormier-Affleck, Jimmy Ear & Laurie Malenfant; Duane Jethro & Jade Cheyenne Nair; Amanda de Lisio & Jason Cipparone; Karrabing Film Collective & Institute for Contemporary Art Shanghai; Todde Kemmerich with photos by Sophie Reuter, Matthias Jung, Thekla Ehling, Angie, Michael Goergens, Jennifer Lost, Daniel Chatard, and Hubert Perschke, and typography by Serve and Volley Studio; Armin Linke; Nashin Mahtani & Junichi Ushiba; MAP Office (Laurent Gutierrez & Valérie Portefaix); Jeff Monaghan; Skye Moret; Thomas Moynihan; Jan Nikolai Nelles; Huiying Ng, Vincent Normand; Kim Stanley Robinson; James C. Scott; Joel Tauber; Etienne Turpin; and, Alfred Russel Wallace. Design in collaboration with Katharina Tauer.



470 pages

13 x 21 cm

Color & black/white images

Softcover, thread-bound

ISBN 978-3-9818635-3-6


Forthcoming in 2024 – available for pre-order