2023 Preview K.atalog

Dear Reader!


This spring, we are delighted by hearing, through the window of our publishing atelier, the songs and sounds of the birds, who remind us that other worlds are not only possible, but urgent and necessary. Their seeds are everywhere, but require nourishment and care. As our 2023 K.atalog booklet continues the flip-book format we started last year, the program it announces is an ambitious experiment with some of these emerging worlds.


In addition to listing our latest and forthcoming new titles, the print version—which we'll include in every new order you place on this site—doubles as a reversible booklet offering a limited-edition interview with an artist, author, or editor we're working with. This time, this special content works as a little teaser for Rich Pell's book This Is Not An Artifact, and presents a wide-ranging conversation with Pell, where white rats, model organisms, and many more specimens of postnatural history help to sketch some of the big questions addressed in more detail in the book.


Whether you are interested in individual publications or represent a bookshop or a library, we look forward to hearing from you at orders@k-verlag.org and please don't hesitate to contact for assistance and special offers!

K. Verlag Preview K.atalog 2023

10.5 x 15 cm

52 pages

staple-bound &

reversable booklet


Free PDF

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