2023 Deutscher Verlagspreis !

We are overjoyed—K. Verlag has been awarded the 2023 German Publishing Prize!


Save the date for the award ceremony in Berlin on September 22nd, or come by to celebrate at the Miss Read Book Fair that weekend where we will have a table with many new titles. 


Thank you Claudia Roth, the jury, and the whole team in Bonn for this incredible news!! Our thanks also goes to all of the fantastic people in our orbit: all the amazing artists, authors, editors, and curators, as well as designers, text editors, and translators with whom we have developed publications that aim to make some kind of difference in the world; our distributors and the many faithful colleagues in the field of bookshops and libraries all over the world; and, of course, to our dear readers—so many of you who are following K.’s program actively and who support us with your interest and engagement! 


When on 18 July German Culture Minister Claudia Roth announced all the outstanding presses who received the award, she said:


“Books are vital to democracy and at the same time perilous to the spirit of oppression. We in Germany can count ourselves all the happier to have one of the most diverse publishing landscapes in the world. At its heart are the many smaller, independent houses which, with their hand-picked publishing programs, off the usual bestseller lists, prove their love for books as a cultural asset and their lion courage when it comes to entrepreneurial risk every day. In order to strengthen this valuable work of the small and independent publishers, we are awarding the German Publishing Prize in its fifth edition.”


Find out more about the award here: