2022 Preview K.atalog – OUT OF PRINT


With the 2022 Preview Catalog, K. Verlag is introducing a new format: In addition to announcing our latest and forthcoming new titles, the print version of the preview doubles as a reversable booklet that offers a limited-edition interview with an artist, author, or editor about their perspectives on publishing. The inaugural volume presents a conversation with Spanish artist Dora García that was moderated by Lauren Lee, a Modern Culture & Media student from Brown University who interned with K. last summer. Notably, this exchange keeps a wormhole open to one of our earliest books, Traversals, which also contains such an interview with Dora about publishing as artistic practice.


This edition of the preview moreover introduces our new series of artist's monographs entitled Processing Process, which is inaugurated with books by Ana Hupe in the summer and Justine Blau in the fall; additional volumes currently in the works with more information in the next booklet.
Whether you are interested in individual publications or represent a bookshop or a library, we look forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to contact orders@k-verlag.org for assistance and special offers!




K. Verlag Preview K.atalog 2022

10.5 x 15 cm

66 pages

staple-bound &

reversable booklet