K. Verlag is a boutique publishing imprint and curatorial-editorial platform advancing new forms of the “book-as-exhibition.” The project’s publishing and curating produces new geographical and physical encounters, develops intercultural approaches to historical archives, and advances hybrid methodologies to explore contemporary issues. Previous projects by K. have engaged themes of natureculture, post/colonialism and ethnography, geopolitics and environmental violence as well as visual culture, the library, and the museum. We collaborate internationally with artists and institutions to produce unique publications, which explore the book-space beyond mere documentation (thus going further than the traditional exhibition catalog), creating instead adjacent, parallel, or extended curatorial spaces. In addition, K. Verlag approaches publishing as a platform, which also realizes public events including panel discussions, public lectures, and exhibitions. The project was originally co-founded in 2011 by Anna-Sophie Springer and Toronto-based artist Charles Stankievech; it is nowadays directed by Anna-Sophie out of her studio in Berlin-Lichtenberg.



K. Verlag

Herzbergstraße 40–43

Haus 6/Werkstatt 4

D-10365 Berlin



+49 (0)30 235 422 84

info [at] k-verlag [dot] org


Director: Anna-Sophie Springer

Copy-Editors: Lucas Freeman, Jeffrey T. Malecki

General Assistants: Andreas Döpke, Eliot Felde

Interns: Louis Steven (2016), Mariia Mishchenko (2019)

Web design: Wolfgang Hückel



VAT number: DE269 528 145



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  • 2019
    09 12–15

    EDITIONS SHOWROOM. This year, we are among the 12 invited publishers presenting their work in the Salon of the Art Berlin artfair in the building of the former Tempelhof airport. 

  • 09 11–30

    EXHIBITION. The Belmacz gallery in London is pleased to present an exhibition dedicated to artist publications. And we are pleased to be a part of the exhibition entitled “B” with Fantasies of the Library. 

  • 09 06

    AWARD EXHIBITION. The “most beautiful books” selected by Stiftung Buchkunst are being celebrated tonight at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. We’ll receive our certificate for On Reconciliation. Come join us and meet other publishers, designers, and authors!  

  • 07 06–07

    BOOK FAIR. Excited to visit Cologne for the first time ever and participate in the 5th TCABF curated by our dear friend Mark Von Schlegell at Kölnischer Kunstverein. Yay!

  • 06 17

    AWARD. This winter it was for the first time that we submitted a book to Stiftung Buchkunst’s annual competition for the “25 most beautiful books” in Germany; we are overjoyed that Dora García’s On Reconciliation / Über Versöhnung on the relationship and letter exchange of Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt was selected !! 

  • 06 15

    NEWSLETTER. To read up on our June newsletter you can click here and do feel invited to subscribe for the future!

  • 06 12–15

    BOOK FAIR. Be on the look-out for our books at the Art Book Fair Basel taking place at Kaserne Basel! All info here ineverread.com.

  • 05 23-26

    EXHIBITION. Even if you aren’t currently in London: The exhibition Over everything which exists under the sky curated for the Gasworks Curatorial Residents’ Open Studio also includes an online archive, which includes excerpts from our “intercalations: paginated exhibitions” series—among a whole bunch of other fantastic material. Well worth browsing for a bit!

  • 05 03-05

    BOOK FAIR. Miss Read is a home run and we look forward to meeting friends and colleagues at the Haus der Kulturen. Come say hi! 

  • 04 12–14

    BOOK FAIR & TALK. The little press is going on tour and participating in this year’s Stockholm Art Book Fair. Besides bringing the latest titles to the table, Anna-Sophie Springer will be giving a short talk about intercalations and other forthcoming projects during the public program—precise info coming soon.  

  • 03 01 - 06 10

    EXHIBITION. Several friends in Australia sent word about the exhibition After Nature by Janet Laurence, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia because she has included our book “The Word for World is Still Forest” in her array of objects gathered for the installation “Theatre of Trees.” Many, many thanks and: chapeau to such a beautiful and thought-worthy looking show! 

  • 03 12

    NEWSLETTER. We’ve taught ourselves over to winter on how to make better newsletters and hope you like the first result !

  • 03 14-16

    EXHIBITION & LAUNCH. As his contribution to the travelling exhibition Bauhaus imaginista, Paulo Tavares and autonoma, the Brazilian agency for spatial research and intervention, made a brilliant publication—Des-Habitat; after distributing it in the fall during the São-Paulo edition of the exhibition, join us (and Paulo himself!) for its European launch at HKW Berlin during the next opening, exhibition, and conference of the Bauhaus imaginista project.

  • 02 01

    EXCERPT. Read a section of As We Used to Float by Nadim Samman & Julian Charriere online at artsy.net—and if you like it (skip the silly headline) would be great to fulfill your order of the book itself!

  • 01 18

    REVIEW. In their essay, “Spaces of Encounter: The Powerful Act of Reading,” dpr barcelona founders Ethel Baraona Pohl and César Reyes Nájera argue in Architectural Review that books are important generators of public space. The essay includes a significant reflection of our 2015-volume Fantasies of the Library. Recommending also to check out the entire Dec 2018/Jan 2019 issue “Library + Books”, architectural-review.com/buildings/library

  • 2018
    10 19

    OPENING. Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest—opening of the third part of the travelling exhibition at the Natural History Collections of the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Domplatz 4, D-06108 Halle/Saale. Doors open at 19h00. More info at reassemblingnature.org

  • 10 11

    TALK. On Reconciliation offers a public reading of a selection of letters by German philosophers Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt; it follows artist Dora García’s publication of the same name, bringing together a series of reflections on the correspondence between Arendt and Heidegger, from 1925 to 1975, as a means to think about moral responsibility, ethical indebtedness, and the role of intellectuals in times of political insurgency. This event is presented at Witte de With, Rotterdam, with an introduction about the work of Arendt and Heidegger by Dr. Tina Rahimy, political philosopher and lector of “Social Work in the Super-diverse City” at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. 19h00, free admission.

  • 09 26

    OPENING. As We Used to Float—As the recipient of the GASAG Art Prize 2018, Julian Charrière has created a multimedia spatial installation for the Berlinische Galerie that takes visitors underwater in the Pacific Ocean. The exhibition runs until 7 April 2019.

  • 09 16

    LAUNCH. Looking forward to presenting the new volume The Work of Wind: Land in Mississauga, Canada, in parallel to the site-specific exhibition The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea taking place in Mississauga from 14 to 23 September. Join us for a conversation with contributors Rouzbeh Akhbari, D.T. Cochrane, Felix Kalmenson, Adrienne Telford, and Tania Willard. The event will be moderated by Etienne Turpin.

  • 06 28, 19h00

    LAUNCH. Join us at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid to celebrate the release of Dora García’s new publication On Reconciliation / Über Versöhnung during her solo exhibition Second Time Around. Dora and Anna-Sophie will introduce the book after a reading of Arendt and Heidegger’s letters by Simon Asencio and Adriano Wilfert Jensen.

  • 05 19

    DISPLAY. In the framework of Manifesta12, our intercalations volumes are part of RADICETERNA.org, a new and permanent public library, with an adjacent temporary exhibition space and reading room on Art and Nature, within the Calidarium of the Botanical Gardens, part of the Museums System (SiMUA) of the University of Palermo. Curated by Eveline Wüthrich. Location: Calidarium, Botanical Gardens, Athenaeum Museums System, University of Palermo Palermo, Via Lincoln, 2, 90133 Italy. Opening: 19 May, 18h00 / runs until 4 November 2018.

  • 03 03

    PRESENTATION. Keynote Lecture by Anna-Sophie Springer at the 21st Leeds Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair. Echoing her work in Fantasies of the Library, Anna-Sophie wrote a new performance lecture leading through a selection of “library fantasies” from the real world we’d do well dreaming with in 2018. (18h00, The Tetley, Leeds.) 

  • 01 31

    REVIEW. Nick Thurston writes about Fantasies of the Library in his article “From Secular Temples to Information Warehouses,” in Modernism/modernity, Vol. 25, no. 1, 01/2018, 185–91.

  • 2017
    12 15

    REVIEW. Review of Fantasies of the Library by Chelsea Gunn, in Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture, Vol 6/2017, 89–92.

  • 09 15–17

    OPEN STUDIO. Visit K. Verlag and anexact office at our new shared studio in the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT compound in Berlin-Lichtenberg during the Open Studio events for Berlin Art Week!


    Address: FAHRBEREITSCHAFT – Werkstatt 4 [in Brandlhuber’s “bar building”], Herzbergstr. 40–43, 10365 Berlin


    When: Fri, 15 Sept, 19h00–21h00  //  Sat & Sun, 16–17 Sept, 12h00–18h00

  • 07 13

    LAUNCH. Join intercalations editors Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin for a guided tour of the various natures of the Tiergarten — including its oldest trees — with Berlin-based architect and volume 4 contributor, Sandra Bartoli. During the tour, visitors will also encounter special guests Richard Pell, director of the Center for Postnatural History; Jason Groves, co-editor of the open access blog Feedback; and, Katharina Tauer, designer of the intercalations: paginated exhibitions series. Meeting point: Floraplatz (in front of the “Amazon on horseback”), Tiergarten, 19h00

  • 07 13

    REVIEW. “Landscape and Memory: A Review of The Word for World is Still Forest” — A scholar of German literature, geology, and the Anthropocene, the Jason Groves composed an absolutely beautiful reading of intercalations 4 which he published on the Feedback Blog of Open Humanities Press on the day of our Tiergarten-walk book-launch. Fitting to this event, Jason’s text resonates with the walk and the book through excerpts by Walter Benjamin and Franz Hessel about the Tiergarten and even the Amazon on Horseback sculpture where we departed from with Sandra Bartoli.

  • 06 11

    TOUR. Join intercalations co-editors, Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin, for a Guided Tour of the exhibition 2 or 3 Tigers at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (15h00)

  • 05 18

    PRESENTATION. Guest lecture by Anna-Sophie Springer in this year’s Ph.D. seminar on “Publication Strategies” at the Research Laboratory, Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs, Paris

  • 04 04

    REVIEW. Jussi Parikka, media theorist and author of Geology of Media, reviews Fantasies of the Library for Leonardo On-line

  • 01 18

    REVIEW. The Times Literary Supplement includes a lovely little review of Fantasies of the Library (MIT Press edition, 2016) by Gill Partington

  • 2016
    11 01

    Release of No6092: A Conjectural Catalogue publication at National Gallery of Canada on the occasion of Charles Stankievech’s shortlisting for the Sobey Art Award 2016

  • 10 28

    K. at Edition Book Fair, Toronto, Canada

  • 09 15

    Fantasies of the Library published as a revised, second edition hardcover by the MIT Press, ISBN: 978-0-2620352-0-0

  • 05 14

    These Fantasies of Publishing as Curatorial Practice, a lecture by Anna-Sophie Springer for the Library Residencies program of WARP / g39 gallery, Cardiff, UK

  • 04 21

    Read a new interview by Daisy Nam of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard University, with the intercalations co-editors, Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin

  • 04 04

    Fantasies of the Library named a top-five book of the last five years by Eva Weinmayr in the publication 12 Contributors, 5 Publications, 5 Years, eds. Temporary Services. Chicago and Fort Waybe: Half Letter Press, 2016

  • 2015
    12 07

    Review of intercalations 1 & 2 by Amish Morell in C Magazine, No. 128, Dec 2015: 71–2

  • 11 21

    Library Tales at PrintRoom Rotterdam, with Mariana Lanari, Maria Ines Cruz & Lozana Rossenova, and Anna-Sophie Springer, organized by Karin de Jong and Sara Giannini

  • 11 19

    The exhibition Monument As Ruin by Charles Stankievech, which included the K. Verlag publication The Centre Cannot Hold, at the Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queen’s University, Kingston, wins Best Solo Exhibition 2016 at the OAAG Awards

  • 11 19

    Monument As Ruin, which included the K. Verlag publication The Centre Cannot Hold, at the Agnes Etherington Gallery, Queen’s University wins Best Solo Exhibition 2016 at OAAG Awards

  • 09 29

    “Hvor ble det av bokhosten?” review of Fantasies of the Library by Ellef Prestsaeter in Kunstkritikk.no

  • 09 20

    Paginated Exhibitions: Regine Ehleiter in Conversation with Charles Stankievech at The Classroom, NY Art Bookfair

  • 07 06

    Knowledge x Production x Form: A Conversation with Lindsay Bremner, Joanna Zylinska, Anna-Sophie Springer, and Etienne Turpin at The Show Room, London

  • 07 04

    Becoming-Book, Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Anthropocene: A conversation with Vincent Normand, Ho Tzu Nyen, Katharina Tauer, Etienne Turpin, Anna-Sophie Springer at A Public Library, Berlin

  • 07 01

    K. Co-Director Charles Stankievech appointed Director of the Visual Studies Program, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto

  • 06 14–16

    K. at Miss Read, Art Bookfair Berlin

  • 06 06

    Review of Land & Animal & Nonanimal by Xenia Benivolski in The Art Book Review

  • 04 20

    “Front to Back, Top to Bottom, A New Book Series Reimagines How We Read,” review of intercalations by Megan Liberty in Hyperallergic.com

  • 04 18

    “Reading at the Roche Limit,” review of Fantasies of the Library by Jason Groves for the Feedback blog of Open Humanities Press

  • 04 10

    These Fantasies of the Library: Archiving the Anthropocene, a conversation between David Senior, Julia van Haaften, Etienne Turpin, and Anna-Sophie Springer at Printed Matter, New York City

  • 04 08

    An Archive for the Anthropoceneintercalations launch at the Center for PostNatural History, Pittsburgh, with Rich Pell, Lauren Allen, Etienne Turpin, and Anna-Sophie Springer

  • 04 01

    Charles Stankievech in conversation with Mitchell Akiyama and Anna-Sophie Springer at Art Metropole, Toronto, on the occasion of the release of intercalations 1 & 2

  • 03 31

    “These Scenes of Unbecoming,” a conversation between intercalations co-editor Etienne Turpin, John Paul Ricco, and Nasrin Himada at the Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles

  • 03 03

    Anna-Sophie Springer in conversation with Dian Ina Mahendra and Farah Wardani at ruangrupa, Jakarta on the occasion of the release of intercalations 1 & 2

  • 02

    Ankyloglossia (n. tongue tie) by Emma Waltraud Howes, designed by Franziska Morlok, was awarded by the Type Directors Club New York

  • 01 14

    Book launch of The Centre Cannot Hold with authors David Murakami Wood & Charles Stankievech as part of the panel discussion “Early Warning Systems” — an extension of the exhibition Monument as Ruin, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queens University, Canada

  • 01

    Charles Stankievech gains the Thematic Exhibition of the Year and the Curatorial Writing Award 2014 for his project CounterIntelligence by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG). Camouflage was made for this project

  • 2014
    12 03

    “Reading Rooms Reading Machines: Some Fantasies of the Library,” a lecture by Anna-Sophie Springer, Craig-Kade Scholar/Writer in Residence, Rutgers University, New Jersey

  • 11 28

    Book launch of Emma Howes’s Ankyloglossia n. tongue-tie at Art Metropole, Toronto. With B, Emma Howes, Patricia Reed, and Maxwell Stephens

  • 11 02

    Book launch of TRAVERSALS at Art Metropole, Toronto. With Anna-Sophie Springer and Charles Stankievech

  • 09 28

    “Fantasies of Paginated Imagination: A Seminar on Curatorial-Editorial Practice” guest-led by Anna-Sophie Springer for the 8th session of the Critical Curatorial Lab, University of Toronto

  • 05 14

    “CounterIntelligence,” a lecture 
by Charles Stankievech and book launch of Camouflage for Large Installations at the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art at Crash Pad/
KW – Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

  • 02 20

    Book launch of Camouflage of Large Installations at Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto as part of the exhibition CounterIntelligence

  • 2013
    09 29

    Salon talk with Alexandra Navratil, Doreen Mende, Andreas Müller, Charles Stankievech, and Filippo Trentin for the ABA residency program on the archive and post-Aby Warburg thinking. KW – Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

  • 09 15

    EX LIBRIS: Commonplace Books launched on Arg.org

  • 07 05

    EX LIBRIS: Anekdotische Topografien exhibition opening & book launch at Galerie und Kunstbuchhandlung Wien Lukatsch, Berlin

  • 06 28

    EX LIBRIS: Books Are For Use exhibition opening & performance by Ève K. Temblay at the Library of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

  • 04 29

    “K. Verlag and the Book-as-Exhibition,” a presentation by Anna-Sophie Springer during the 2013 SYNAPSE International Curators’ Network meeting, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

  • 04–06

    The Subjective Object on display at Office Party, Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin

  • 03

    The Subjective Object exhibited at the Leipzig Book Fair

  • 2012
    12 06–08

    K. at Rookie Book Fair in Poznan, Poland

  • 08 27

    The Subjective Object exhibition finissage and exhibition-book launch at the GRASSI Ethnographic Museum of Leipzig

  • 09 14–15

    K. at MISS READ Book Fair, Berlin

  • 2011
    12 16

    “On Books as Time Machines & Wormholes,” a conversation with Mark von Schegell and Charles Stankievech, moderated by Anna-Sophie Springer at MOTTO, Berlin

  • 10 08

    LOVELAND book launch at Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal